Mit's Tall Bearded Irises

A gathering place for riends of Carob's " Chaga" Farm

Mit's Irises 

 would like to introduce my friend Mit.  Many of you know him from his generous donations to the Newbee program at Dave's Garden. Mit's donations last year to the winners of the seed auction brought in thousands of seeds for that program. In the past 4 years, Mit has donated over 3500 irises to newbies, community gardens, and a number of other good causes. Both Stoney Creek Irises and Hidenbrandt's Iris Garden have offered his irises as part of their collections. Now we'd like for you to have the same opportunity. 








To make room for his new introductions Mit has 400 irises that need to be moved.Our 4th annual Iris sale is how we plan to begin. Mit is a one man operation. This insures you the highest quality plants each rhizome is dug, inspected and packed carefully by Mit. This also allows him to keep his price down. Once you see the quality of his plants and the price I'm sure you'll agree it's a rare opportunity to fill your beds with designer plants!!

We will not substitute without your permission. Should we be out of a plant, we will notify you as soon as possible, with suggested substitutions.

*The irises are different sizes these are approximate 

* Approximately 20 to 25 in a large flat rate box

* Approximately 15 to 20 in a medium flat rate box

 We have two box sizes available for shipping. We ship by number but the sizes of the rhizomes can vary.


 Mit'4th Annual Iris Showing


Lg 20 - 25 rhizomes $17.45
Med. 15-20 rhizomes 12.35

The price change as the USPS service changes please verify your cost on the USPS Web site here

Due to PayPal fees all items will need to be paid for in one payment to qualify for combined shipping.

Orders can be placed with vendor through C-Mail.For Cubits users.

Dmail is always available for Dave's Garden Members.

Payment will be through PayPal, unless other arrangements are made between customer & vendor.

 You can contact Mit or Myself at the email address Robin or Mit

Thank You All!!

Come see some beautiful Irises, I'm working on the database at Mindy's place.




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